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Update v1.1

Posted on October 28, 2020

-   First of all, This update will be seperated on two parts, first part details:

-   Platinum Stage has been started.

-   New 3x Reborns have been added.

-   New Areas have been added Lv.130/135+.

-   G110 Weapons has been added to the server.

-   G110 weapons has been added to Craft Manager.

-   New Quest Item has been added, available to drop from Areas Lv.120+.

-   New Demon Queen Boss has been added, teleport from Bosses Areas, spawns every 1 hour.

-   G110 Weapons has been added to Hunting System Boss.

-   New Reward [300 DGs] has been set for first player get a g110 weapon by crafting.

-   New PVE Weapons has been added to the server, please read the rules of it.

-   PVE Weapons has been added to Donation Store and Crafting Manager.

-   New Lottery System has been added, please visit the NPC for more info.

-   Improved LA Shiny Skill at PVE.

-   ASC => LA and MI Skills CD has been reduced.

-   Costume Suit time has been extended to 5 days at Shop Rewards Store.

-   F10, Raid, Mautareta, EXP Event (past: 20:00), and BF systems have been delayed to 1 hour.

-   G100 Weapons/Armors chance has been increased by 100% from Raid and Demon Worker Bosses.

-   Gold players and other Reborns 10,11,12, will be received their rewards on the 2nd part.

Update v1.0

Posted on October 24, 2020

-   Helloween Event has been started.

-   You can access this event once you have done 6 reborns + level 110+.

-   Helloween Festival NPC is located at devotion town, visit the npc for more info please.

-   Once you enter the Helloween MAP, you will have 15mins to play in it (you can't leave till the time ends).

-   You are able to enter the Helloween MAP every 1 hour.

-   There is a new repeatable quest which you can do every 3 hours at Helloween MAP.

-   New Rewards have been added to Helloween Store.

-   There will be 25% bonus on every donation comes during this Event.

-   New Daily Quests have been added for Areas 120/125+.

-   EOUs Craft Item can be obtainable from Reborn Daily Box NOW.

-   Increased the amount of monsters at solo area 120+.

-   Added Channel System to solo areas 120/125+.

-   Health of some booses has been increased.

-   Re-adjusted the Mautareta System => summoned monsters in damage/hp.

-   Increased the summoner of nacro dragon boss to 10x.

-   New summoner NPC has been added to Doggebi Lord location, visit the npc for more info please.

-   New Pumpkin Boss has been added, drops g100 Main Parts and Ghost Cloth.

-   Pumpkin Boss will be spawned daily in devotion town at 21:30 by /servertime.

-   Night Events City has been unlocked.

-   Added New Box for winners in Events, this box will give you random reward once you open it.

-   Fixed CDs for some skills.

-   Some Nirvana Skills have been increased in PVE.

Update v0.9

Posted on October 20, 2020

-   Newcomers Update and changes:

-   Starter Package has been changed to Lv.70 and G70 Weapons/Armors.

-   EXP has been increased till level 110.

-   F10 EXP has been increased from level 85 to 120.

-   Crafting Manager has been updated:

-   G100 Main Parts have been enabled.

-   G4 Buff Scroll has been added.

-   Increased the time of Wings and Normal/Riding Pets to 5 days instead of 3 days.

-   Donation Store has been updated:

-   G100 Armors have been enabled.

-   G4 Buff Scroll has been updated to G5.

-   Costume Suits price at shop rewards changed to 150 SC instead of 200 SC.

-   New System has been added "Mautareta System".

-   New NPC has been added to the town to able to register to it, starts daily at 20:30 by /servertime.

-   You can drop G100 Main parts by 100% chance from SandMan Boss.

-   You can gain High EXP from the summoned monsters during this system (depends on your damages).

-   Once the system ends you will get EXP like F10 system from levels 115 to 130.

-   New party areas have been added 120/125+.

-   Raid System req level changed to 110 to able to register it.

-   Raid System final boss will have chance by 50% to drop g100 main parts.

-   Buff NPC level limit extended to 120.

Update v0.8

Posted on October 16, 2020

-   Gold Stage has been started.

-   Enabled 3x more reborns.

-   New Areas have been added Lv.120/125.

-   Added New Daily Quests to Reborn Areas, check NPC for more info.

-   Reborn Daily Box has been updated, you can earn other craft items from it.

-   Reborn Rewards 7,8,9 have been added.

-   Silver players can receive their new reward from ranked rewards.

-   Raid System fees has been reduced to 100kk instead of 250kk.

-   Raid System Bosses HP has been reduced.

-   G100 Side Parts has been added to Boss of Demon Worker by 50% chance.

-   Party Areas 110/115 EXP and drop has been fixed.

-   Confusion skill CD has been fixed.

-   Shiny Boss HP has been exteneded.

-   Fixed a description into crafting manager.

-   Daily limit of summoning Nacro Dragon Boss has been exteneded to 5.

-   Re-adjusted the money geons into shiny areas.

-   IG Nirvana Skills has been improved in PVE.

-   DS SpinBlade Skill has been improved in PVP.

-   GOB ArrowRain Skill has been improved in PVE/PVP.

-   Hunting System has been enabled for CastleWar winners.

-   CastleWar will be occurred next sunday at 19:00 by /servertime.

-   To get CastleWar Weapons/Armors, please visit the NPC at Narootuh.

-   Hunting sys starts at 21:30:00, cw winners will be ported automatically to fight a boss.

-   You can obtain on G100 Side/Main Parts from it.

Update v0.7

Posted on October 13, 2020

-   Start Package has been changed to Lv.50/G50 Weapons/Armors.

-   3rd job quest item drop is doubled from santa monsters.

-   Raid Dungeon System has been updated.

-   Riding Pets has been disabled at the System.

-   Everyone will receive a key to unlock the doors.

-   Monster's HP and Defense has been increased to give all players chance to get EXP.

-   Final Boss will have a chance by 100% to drop g100 side part.

-   Reduced amount of monsters at some solo areas.

-   Reduced the range of picking pets.

-   If your game engine is freezed once you pick some drops, please keep clicking on ESC button for multi     times, and it will be fixed.

-   Wooden boxes has been updated.

-   Amount of Boxes have been increased around all cities.

-   Amount of craft items have been increased from boxes.

-   Added New Yellow Crystal Box, This box drops specific craft items like [Diamond Stone - Chalecdony -     EOU].

-   EXP has been increased on all part areas 110/115+.

-   Horn of Doggebi Craf Item has been increased to double drops.

-   Reduced the coold down of POH to 20 mins.

-   DS => Rupture Skill cd has been reduced to 1.5 min.

-   IG => AE and VA Skills has been improved at PVE.

Update v0.6

Posted on October 11, 2020

-   EXP GAP has been increased from lvls [100-110].

-   EXP has been slightly increased in shiny areas 90/95/100.

-   Reseting Mystrey Skill has been fixed.

-   Fixed the aggro of generals on bosses, It depends on the more damage you give now.

-   Doggebi Lord has been enabled.

-   Doogebi Lord Teleporter has been added to Bosses section at Teleport Stone.

-   Honor Shop has been updated, Added Doggebi Lord Mirrors to it.

-   G100 Side Parts has been enabled at Crafting Manager.

-   Bronze Players can receive their new reward from Reward Leveling Manager.

-   Wings has been added to Crafting Manager and Donation Store.

-   Reborn Manager has been added to the town, you don't need to use the website now.

-   Re-adjusted the EXP from levels 110~120.

-   Hell Gate Boss is enabled to drop items for people who their levels 110+.

-   Raid System has been enabled, please visit the npc for more info.

-   Raid System will give much EXP to ppl from lvl 100~120, depends on who give more dmgs to mobs.

-   Raid System registration at 17:00, start time at 19:00 daily.

-   Raid System final boss drops 1x G100 Side Part.

-   G90 Orbs has been increased to 2x from Demon Plunderer Boss.

-   G90 Accessories/Orbs are available at Crafting Manage.

-   Added New Party Areas 100/105/110/115.

-   Drop rate of EOU Craft Item has been increased.

-   Task Quest droprate of 90/95 areas has been increased.

-   Castle War NPC has been added, located at Narootuh.

Update v0.5

Posted on October 08, 2020

-   Hunting Box Event is Over!!!

-   Winners can receive their rewards at storage keeper.

-   Hunt Treasue Boxes removed.

-   G1 Weapon Skin has been added to Crafting Manager to able to re craft other grades.

-   G4 Weapon Skin has been added to Crafting Manager.

-   Crafting Items time will be countdown once you wear them.

-   Added G2 Buffs NPC at the town, limi level is 110.

-   Wooden Boxes have been increased around the cities.

-   Magical Blooms drops have been increased.

-   Goshi Leader Boss has been added, drops G100 Accessories Craft Item.

-   Bogy General Boss has been added, drops G100 Orbs Craft Item.

-   Rewards of Reborn [6] has been added.

-   Honor Shop has been added next to POH NPC.

-   Decoration Styles have been added.

-   You can craft your Decoration Style via Honor Shop.

-   Bronze Players can enter their next reborn as Silver.

-   Level 110/115 Areas have been added.

-   EXP Event from NPC has been extended to 6x times daily, you can open one every 4 hours.

-   Fixed the start time of Battlefield.

-   Battlefield Winner Rewards: 100x Jewels, 2x Additional EXP Stone, 200 Honor Points.

-   Battlefield Loser Rewards : 50x Jewels, 1x Additional EXP Stone, 100 Honor Points.

-   LastManStanding has been enabled, Rewards: 40x DGs, 500 Honor Points.

-   DuelTournament has been enabled, Rewards: 60x DGs.

-   Accessories section has been enabled on the donation store.

Update v0.4

Posted on October 06, 2020

-   EXP Increased for new comers from [1-90].

-   Some safezones have been fixed on 80/90+ areas.

-   Added New Boxes to bosses to prevent lags,freezes, much drops.

-   Crafting Materials added to the boxes.

-   Bosses have now doubled drops of Crafting Materials.

-   Crafting Materials drop increased on Reborn Shiny Areas.

-   Damage cap problem has been fixed.

-   Boss of Demon Worker has been added to Demon Castle, starts at 18:30.

-   G100 Dark Relics Weapon has been added to Boss of Demon Worker by 50% chance.

-   G100 Accessories and Orbs have been added to F10 Bosses.

-   Added New Daily Quests to Reborn Areas.

-   New Dragon Summon NPC has been added to Dragon Reef, visit the NPC for more info.

-   Sinning on party areas is disabled.

-   Channel System has been added to solo Areas.

-   Reborn Rewards has been added for rbs more than 3.

-   New Rewards for Iron Players have been added.

-   Fixed the color of Dead person's dagger weapon skin.

-   G100 Dark Relics Weapon is available on the donation store.

-   Weapon Skins and Suits are available on the donation store.

-   If anyone want to participate in pvp balance testing, report ur char via DM on discord.

Update v0.3

Posted on October 04, 2020

-   Demon Plunderer Boss respawn time has been changed to every 4 hours.

-   Disappear time of bosses has been increased.

-   All Bosses HP has been reduced.

-   Increased the amount of Dragon Balls from Nacro Dragon Boss.

-   Increased the amount of Hell Gate Eye from Hell Gate Boss [POH].

-   G100 Accessories has been enabled at Crafting Manager.

-   Crafting Materials have been increased at solo areas.

-   Swim Suit has been added to vote shop.

-   Reduce the prices of Pets/Riding at Crafting Manager.

-   Fixed Daily Quest Lv.95.

-   Task Quest has been increased for Lvls 90/95.

-   Crafting Materials have been increased at wooden boxes.

-   Fixed buffs scroll at vote coins from g4 to g5.

-   Fixed Papadogs pets icon.

-   Increase the damage of monsters at party areas.

-   Run you launcher to apply the update.

Update v0.2

Posted on October 03, 2020

-   Hello everyone, Introducing for you, our "Hunt Treasue Event", your mission to do is to collect the     golden relics where you can find them at outside of towns from Hunt Treasure Boxes.

-   We have not deciced a exact date to end it, but you have to keep collecting the item.

-   We are going to pick first 5x people with most collected golden relics.

-   New comers can participate on this event.

-   First Prize: G100 Weapon Maxed.

-   Second Prize: 15 Days G3 Weapon Skin and Costume Suit.

-   Third Prize: 15 Days Pet, Riding Pet and Asadal Buff.

-   Fourth Prize: 15 Days Pet and Riding.

-   Fifth Prize: 15 Days Pet.

-   EXP has been increased at solo 80/85 Areas.

-   Shop Coins suit desc has been edited.

-   Respawn time of party areas has been increased.

-   Picture of Hell has been enabled, you can join it every 30 mins.

-   Hell Gate Eye Craft Item added to Hell Gate Boss.

-   Drops at party from bosses fixed.

-   Nacro Dragon boss has been added, drops Dragon Ball Craft Item.

-   Death Knight boss has been added, drops G100 Weapon Craft Item

-   Ruler of Wasteland has been added, drops G100 Armors Craft Item.

-   Leveling rewards NPC has been added located at devotion town.

-   Leveling rewards for lvls 90,95,100 and reborn has been addded.

-   Level 100/105 Areas has been added to Reborn Areas.

-   F10 EXP has been edited from lvls 85~99.

-   Battlefield System has been enabled, (pvp balance will still under testing), so you have to report about     each op char/skill.

-   Added Lucky key at vote shop.

-   Pob Skill has been increased at PVE.

-   Download the manual patch via website or run your launcher.

Update v0.1

Posted on October 02, 2020

-  Hello everyone, firstly, we are sorry about the lag issue that happened yesterday, we will do our best to    make it stable more.

-  We have listed your reports/suggestions in our update, you can check them on the following lines.

-   EXP has been increased for new comers [1-50].

-   Monster amount has been increased at Forest of Element & Devils Island.

-   Added New option at Golden Coin Shop for G2 talismans, visit the npc for more info.

-   Money has been increased on all areas.

-   Daily Quests are enabled now.

-   Daily Quests are enabled to count on parties.

-   Some prices have been reduced at the merchant/kalcash stores.

-   EXP has been slightly increased on Solo Areas.

-   Adjusted the party areas HP/EXP.

-   G90 Drop rate has been increased at 90/95 Areas.

-   F10 system is enabled, will start today at 18:00 by /servertime.

-   G90 Weapons/Armors added to F10 Bosses.

-   G100 Crafting items added to F10 Bosses.

-   G90 Armors added to Demon Plunderer Boss, spawns every 6 hours.

-   Lottery Ticket has been adjusted and fixed.

-   Shiny Area 95+ monsters changed due to the shiny effect.

-   Daily Events are enabled [EXP - Damage - EGG - Immortal].

-   EXP EGG has been slightly increased.

-   Edited the name of Quest NPC at shiny area 90+.

-   Event Schedule has been edited to be more clear. check it on website/guide

Official news

Posted on October 01, 2020

-  We are very happy to welcome you to our private server "Devotion KalOnline".

-  Today, Our grand opening at 18:00 by GMT+1, Waiting you!

-  You are able to download our client now.

-  Extract the client and wait for a manual patch to can login successfully.

-  Manual Patch will be available before 1 hour from the official time.

-  Registration is available, create your account now.






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