Server features

Latest New Engine
Mid~High EXP Rate
4 Classes
Reborn System with Rewards, Every Stage with different reborn level
Easy 3rd Job Quest, From level 70
Awaken Skills suitable to play in PVE/PVP
Soul Destruction is AOE once you done 3rd quest
Rupture & Shadow Slash are AOE Skills
Picking/Healing Pets include new shapes
Riding System with custom stats includes ( Battle Riding at feature updates )
Suit and Weapon skins including 2020 with custom stats
Decoration System Style
Custom Areas for [ Solo/Shiny/Party ]
Ornament Buff System will be applied at feature updates
Crafting System for Armors & Weapons, and other stuff
F10 Company System with random rewards/td>
POH and Honor System
Many Adventure Bosses
Task/Daily Quests
Daily Events will be running whole day like [ Happy Hour - Immortal - Damage - EGG - EXP ]
Lottery System
Unique Talismans for Pimp System
PvP Systems [ Duel Tournament - LastManStanding - Battlefield - GuildvsGuild ]
Raid System with valuable rewards
Hunting System for Castle War Owner
Task/Daily Quests
Task/Daily Quests